singer, bellydancer, & variety performer 

Syrena Nikole is an international pop artist, singer, bellydancer, actress, and variety performer based in New York City.  She was conservatory trained in Opera and Musical Theater, and privately trained in Pop, R&B, Standards, and Rock.  She also plays guitar and piano.


Dancing has been a part of her life since she was born. She started at three years old, performing in Arabian themed theater shows and events around New York City. Her dance style draws on vintage techniques as well as new trends to create a flavor that is all her own. With a variety of different acts, you can customize a dance routine to suit your specific events needs.

Props include Sword, Finger Cymbals, Candle Tray, Fan Veils, Veil, Wings, Cane, Candelabra, Feather Fans, and Palm Candles. Duets, Trios, and full troupes are available, as well as Snake dancing and grand entrances on a palanquin.

For fire shows, Syrena offers Fire Fans, Fire Belt, Fire Torches (Eating fire), and Fire Headpiece. 

She has an extensive dance resume including:

-MTV's "Love and Hip Hop"

- The Metropolitan Opera

- Good Day Cafe Fox 5

- The hottest night clubs and lounges in New York City

- Private Corporate events

- International events

- Weddings

- Birthdays

- Themed Parties

- Holidays

- Festivals

- Fashion Shows

Syrena Nikole is the perfect compliment to any party, corporate/private event, birthday and more.  Whether you need a classic vintage torch singer, fire dancer, or Marilyn Monroe, Syrena does it all and more.  She puts meticulous attention to detail into every performance, from the repertoire down to the makeup and costuming. She understands how important a special an event is, and treats every performance with the highest level of professionalism. Past venues and performances can be found in her resume below.  

In addition to performances, Syrena Nikole has experience in print modeling, which can be found under her gallery.

 listen to her original music below:


lonesome traveler and

The metropolitan Opera

Syrena Nikole is performing in the tour of the hit off-broadway musical Lonesome Traveller, about the history of Folk Rock. She will be alongside incredible musicians and songwriters, including Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary and will be singing and playing guitar to beloved favorites from artists such as Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and Joni Mitchell.  Learn more below!

Syrena just finished her run as the Bellydancer for The Metropolitan Opera's production of Thaïs, starring Ailyn PérezJean-François BorrasGerald FinleyDavid Pittsinger, and conducted by Emmanuel Villaume

It was an incredible experience, and she thanks the entire Metropolitan Opera team, and those who helped her get there. 

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HAVEN ROOFTOP- Circus Event   

The Slipper Room - Make America Sexy Again!

 The Slipper Room - Mermaids Gone Wild!

The Slipper Room - Sugar 

Flambeaux Fire Living Candelabras 

Fashion Shows and Pageants

Antony and Cleopatra Anniversary Party

Fairy Children's Party


Snake Charming






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Contact Phone Number: 1-(917)-710-0116